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Posted by Ken Unger on Mar 9, 2017 1:40:06 PM

Termite Season is Upon Us


Termites are social insects

that live in colonies with specific roles. There are

workers, soldiers, reproductives and even queens.


As a colony matures, it may

release winged males and females  that are called

“swarmers.” If they survive, swarmers will settle, shed

their wings and form a new colony. You will know if you have

"swarmers" they usually show up by the hundreds,

crawling around and shedding their wings.


Swarming season occurs in late

spring through fall depending on the species and geographic

location.  There is no rhyme or reason that termites may

show up in your home. They have no eyes and they are always

foraging for food, hoping to get lucky by bumping into some

wood.  In NY our species of termites are Subterranean,

which means they live in the soil. 


Some people spray raid, others pour bleach when

an inside infestation occurs.   This may ease your mind

but will not help at all, you will need a professional

treatment.  There are different types of treatments

available such as liquid and baiting. Each one serves a

purpose and is very effective.


Don't let termites destroy your house,

there is a lot of internal damage that can take place prior

to seeing any termites emerge.


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