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Bed Bugs

Posted by Ken Unger on Aug 2, 2017 2:48:44 PM

Bed bugs are a challenging pest to confront, even when you hire professional exterminators. Even when you address them, bed bug control in westchester remains a priority because they are especially a problem in this area. Our customers often inquire why bed bugs are such a challenge—and a problem.

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Here are five reasons why these parasites make control difficult:

They are not picky: Bed bugs live everywhere! Their favorite places feature high turnover, like hotels, college dormitories and offices. Apart buildings, single family rooms and hostels are also frequent victims. College-aged students take them home during breaks, and if you spend time on public transportation or movie theaters, you are not entirely immune. Bed bugs frequently feel like an epidemic, but they possess a wide ability to live in many different environments. That does not aid in their control.

They hide well: Anywhere there are people and pets, bed bugs will love it. Body heat and dander are their favorite elements. However, just because they can be anywhere does not make it easy to find them. Bed bugs are small, wingless and nocturnal, and until you suffer skin irritation, you likely will not know you have them. Their name arises from their favorite hiding places—mainly mattresses and box springs. When you call in the exterminators, we must go through everything, including walls and carpets. You never know where they will have decided to call home.

They move: The most common way bed bugs come along with you is through exposure to an infected place. If you stay in a hotel room with bed bugs, they attach to clothing and luggage, and soon they will be enjoying your home, too. Assess hotels carefully before choosing one. If an online review complains about beg bugs, find another place to stay. If you learn later that you were exposed to bed bugs, learn the signs of them so you can start extermination early.

They destroy reputations: Many hotels, restaurants and  lodgings have gone out of business due to bed bugs or rumors of them.
While there is no relationship between sanitation and bed bugs, public perception feels differently. It is true that cluttered environments keep them longer, but those conditions do not have to be dangerous. When we are called for bed bug extermination, there is stress and emotion because customers are worried about their businesses and people’s perceptions of them.

They cannot always be prevented: Bed bug infestations arise through no fault of your own. You can keep your home clean and wash your sheets twice a week, but if you are exposed, they remain. The best course of action is to know the early signs. Tar stains, bite marks and cast exoskeletons are the most noticeable. Once you see these symptoms.  Call at (914) 375-0811 for all your pest control needs.